About Us

Enterprise profile

Guangdong Doni Intelligent Robot Engineering Technology Research Center Co., Ltd. was established on June 19, 2018. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Guangdong LEIYON Intelligent Technology Corp.

DONI® is a robot developer and manufacturer, focusing on the independent research and development, design and manufacturing of service robots, committed to becoming the world’s top robot company.

Since its establishment in 2014, Doni Company will be committed to the construction of “smart city”, with DONI mobile robot products as the center, docking with big data and IOT network technology, building the first city-centered “mobile robot ecological service platform” in the world, and building one-stop industrial chain service of robot e-commerce business. Enjoy the new life of “smart city” together.

The commercial robot business of DONI® is committed to developing service robot products for the public domain, providing scenario-oriented service robot products and solutions for industry customers, enabling intelligent upgrading of business scenarios; At present, it has two business lines, commercial cleaning and commercial interaction, and its products are widely used in office buildings, hotels, small commercial bodies, commercial complexes, schools, hospitals, finance, government affairs and other fields.

Our advantage

Elite R&D team

Multiple research teams around the world, in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, domestic and other wholly-owned research centers

Years of technological accumulation

Master the core technology of "AI+ service robot" SLAM and sports technology

Brand influence

Service robot leading brand, service global high-end customers.

Integrate the robot ecological chain

Integrate strategic partner resources to create industry solutions with ecological chain mode

Delve into business scenarios

A deep understanding of the business scene, so that the robot better understand the scene to enable the scene intelligence upgrade Industrial integration

Industrial integration

Achieve design, production, supply chain closed loop, to ensure quality lifeline

Development course​

Since its establishment in 2014.


DONI U1 service robot is born

Officially launched the commercial DONI U1 welcome and delivery robot, and DONI D1 cleaning and killing robot.


DONI S6 medium and large outdoor scene cleaning robot

Officially launched to the global market, including household sweeping robot series and public domain “AI+ service robot” products including complete robot service solutions.


Set up the "DONI" company

  • “Guangdong Doni Intelligent Robot Engineering Technology Research Center Co., LTD.” was formally established in cooperation with Beijing Institute of Technology.
  • Launched household cleaning robot, has sold more than 100,000 units worldwide.

Driverless engineering vehicle test

By the end of 2017, “the prototype of the unmanned vehicle project will be completed, and all functional tests will be completed


Robot engineering technology Research center was established

In 2015, Guangdong Provincial Department of Science and Technology granted our company the license of “Guangdong Intelligent Robot (LEIYON) Engineering Technology Research Center”.


Build a research and development team

In 2015, a research and development team was set up in Japan to develop “driverless car”. Meanwhile, research institutions such as Canada and the UK were launched simultaneously.


Project establishment

In 2014, the project was established to formally study mobile robots, and the formal cooperation with Guangdong University of Technology.