Atomizing disinfection robot

Atomizing disinfection robot, widely used in hospitals, schools, airports, subways, shopping malls, shelters and other large space public places

Full range disinfection, rate > 99.99%

21L large capacity disinfection box, can cover 25,000 square meters, no need to replenish liquid frequently, to meet the needs of oversized space disinfection, atomized particles < 10μm; Adding sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectant, bactericidal rate > 99.99%, 5-10s kill coronavirus, influenza, hand, foot and mouth viruses
Super large tank

21L large capacity disinfection box, can cover 25,000 square meters

Automatic process

Reservation/timing/instant disinfection can be realized, low power autonomous recharge

Internet of Everything

Autonomous ride ladder and other functions;

Multiple expansion

can be replaced with different atomizing nozzle, to meet various disinfection needs.

Cross - regional, large space easily covered

It can communicate with elevator equipment to process the autonomous and accurate service of robots across regions and floors.

Application scenario

Product specification

DONI X221 Atomizing disinfection robot

N.W63KgBattery Capacity30Ah
Spray diameter4~5mMaximum capacity21L
Maximum spray volume4L/hMaximum climbing grade
Endurance time3HMaximum speed0.5m/s
Rated voltage24VMinimum pass width800mm
Operating temperature0~40℃Obstacle height15mm
Disinfection methodUltrasonic atomizerObstacle crossing width35mm