Atomizing disinfection robot

Atomizing disinfection robot, widely used in hospitals, schools, airports, subways, shopping malls, shelters and other large space public places

Full range disinfection, rate > 99.99%

21L large capacity disinfection box, can cover 25,000 square meters, no need to replenish liquid frequently, to meet the needs of oversized space disinfection, atomized particles < 10μm; Adding sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide and other disinfectant, bactericidal rate > 99.99%, 5-10s kill coronavirus, influenza, hand, foot and mouth viruses
Super large tank

21L large capacity disinfection box, can cover 25,000 square meters

Automatic process

Reservation/timing/instant disinfection can be realized, low power autonomous recharge

Internet of Everything

Autonomous ride ladder and other functions;

Multiple expansion

can be replaced with different atomizing nozzle, to meet various disinfection needs.

Application scenario

Cross - regional, large space easily covered

It can communicate with elevator equipment to process the autonomous and accurate service of robots across regions and floors.