In railway, airport, bus station and other transportation hubs, service robots can be widely used in navigation, cleaning and disinfection, large area cleaning, so that passengers can experience the convenience, safety and comfort brought by scientific and technological progress in the journey. It has improved intelligent operation management and service level, increased efficiency and production capacity, and reduced operating costs for the transportation sector.

Industry pain point
Heavy workload

Road leaf cleaning work heavy, collection efficiency low

The cost of cleaning is high

Personnel work two shifts, night cleaning cost is high, difficult to manage

Employment risks are high

The aging of personnel is higher than other industries, and the employment risk is intensified


Based on the distribution, service, marketing and other scenarios of the hotel/catering industry, we provide intelligent hotel/catering solutions of multiple robot products.

From the moment guests enter the hotel or restaurant, service robots begin to provide a variety of intelligent services such as proactive welcome, information consultation, guidance and goods delivery. Improve the intelligent level of hotel or catering management, improve service quality and customer satisfaction, and meet the intelligent and digital upgrading needs of the hotel or catering industry.

Industry pain point
High management cost

Personnel mobility, recruitment and training management costs are high

High cleaning requirements

The ground is made of various materials and requires high cleaning

Digital transformation requires

otel management faces the need of digital transformation


The overall solution of unmanned environmental vehicles aims to realize unmanned operations and intelligent environmental management in the environment sanitation scene, and uses unmanned environmental vehicles to replace manual implementation of efficient environmental sanitation operations. Equipped with high-precision positioning and navigation system and multiple safety protection devices, the unmanned sanitation vehicle can carry out unified scheduling and task planning through the background dispatching system, and feed back the work progress and working environment in real time. It can realize safe and high-quality intelligent management of environmental sanitation and cleaning in the closed park without manual driving.

Industry pain point
6S management requirements

The need for workshop 6S management in the context of Industry 4.0

Stain deposition penetration

Low cleaning frequency leads to stain deposition and penetration

Toxic and harmful environment

Toxic/dust/radiation environment is not suitable for manual cleaning


Intelligent (makeshift) hospital scheme based on cloud robots such as guidance, cleaning and disinfection, distribution, and back-office operation and management.

It provides a variety of practical cloud-based intelligent robots and intelligent digital twin shelter operation and management solutions for makeshift hospitals and epidemic prevention and control hotels. At the same time, centering on the operation management, logistics management, safety management, patient services, remote diagnosis and treatment of hospitals in various regions, we provide new intelligent solutions for hospitals.

Industry pain point
Heavy work

The work is heavy and the recruitment of personnel is difficult

Risk of cross infection

The crowd gathers, cross infection risk is big

Epidemic prevention needs

Reduce the need for human contact, routine disinfection and sterilization

Park Scenic Spot

The smart park plan based on park (campus/park/scenic spot, etc.) services and cleaning robots relies on cloud intelligent architecture and collaborative deployment of multiple cloud robots, and makes comprehensive use of the Internet of Things, big data, cloud computing and other technologies to help the park improve its digital operation and management capabilities and improve intelligent services. Reduce the pressure and cost of manual operation and management, effectively improve the operation efficiency of the park, and realize the intelligent upgrading of various parks.

Industry pain point
Low efficiency

Vast area, artificial cleaning efficiency is low

Difficulty in personnel management

Personnel management is difficult, cleaning work can not be quantified assessment

Heavy cleaning workload

Road leaf cleaning work is heavy, collection efficiency is low


Intelligent distribution robots and intelligent sensing robots are used to replace manual labor, complete tasks such as intelligent security distribution and cleaning, realize unmanned operations in the scene, realize intelligent scheduling of intelligent robots, control security risks in the whole process of work, record and analyze background data and optimize process.

Industry pain point
Recruitment and training difficulties

Personnel recruitment and training is difficult, and management costs are high

Low efficiency

Simple and backward cleaning tools, cleaning efficiency is low

Difficult to standardize

Many emergencies, cleaning is difficult to standardize